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Site sketch

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Hello! As you know, your website is your office on the internet. Like your physical office, your website must be secure, clean, easy to find, offer a comfortable experience for your clients, and reflect the singular way you approach your business practice.

You probably also want it to be easy and affordable to maintain and expand if needed, and include a support team which can do all the technical stuff for you. AKA “us”

After all, there will come a day in which our main site is our web address, such as our workspace will be distant from physical office and our phone will be our instant message link.

So, here is our offer

1) Handmade sites
We’ll make a left-handmade website for you or your (small) company using the best in web development and design
2) Super fast and secure sites
We use a web development approach (called Jamstack) to deliver a super fast and secure site on a world wide infrastructure (or CDN)
3) Built-in blog
The site has a built-in blog which you can update by yourself in a friendly interface (CMS) in a fully auditable environment (in case you need to know who published what when)
4) Made for mobile
We like to say that your site is desktop friendly, but designed and developed for mobile use first. Let’s face it: most of the internet traffic comes from smartphones, your site can’t be just mobile friendly
5) Affordable maintenance
Unless your site and blog have too many images or you get hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, chances are your are going to spend almost nothing (probably $0) on servers. And if you do need to upgrade for more bandwidth it’s going to be cheaper than a wordpress-like solution
6) No-cookies analytics *
We use a privacy focused analytics tool to collect data about your site and send you weekly reports with indicators such as: number of visitors, visit duration, pages most accessed, etc. As it doesn’t need to store cookies, nor collects any personal info from your visitors, we (usually) don’t need to show a (disturbing) cookie banner in the face of your clients and prospects

And that’s the deal

Site + Blog
design and development
CDN for Jamstack
* Monthly support (optional)
starting at 2h/month
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