Hey! We're good, thanks for getting in touch.

We agree with you: investing in technology is essential for your company to keep growing. And finding the right team to help you with this isn't always easy, so you were right to ask for a referral.

Around here, we create MVPs, web platforms, and websites for entrepreneurs and growing companies like yours. We are more of a design and development boutique than an agency.

We have a lean and remote structure. This reduces the project's cost and frees you from the bureaucracy and "Agile-to-be management" that you have faced in other experiences.

Our approach is pragmatic, focused on curating essential features and on the outcome of your project.

The web technologies, tools, and techniques we use in your project are the same as those in our own products. This avoids surprises and allows our team to deliver your project on time.

Pick the best day to talk.

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Hey, guys. How are you?

My company has grown in the last year, and we want to invest in creating a system to support some processes.

In the past, I had terrible experiences with squads of agencies that claimed to be agile, but in reality, missed deadlines and were bureaucratic.

This time I'm following the suggestion of a friend, who has already worked with you, and recommended that I get in touch.

I want to set up a conversation with you.

Best regards,

What our clients say

They combine expertise with dedication in a unique way. The partners' ideas are of the highest level, which only proves the vast experience Bruno and David have developing projects. Not to mention the service that is super exclusive and fast, with dynamic and creative solutions. I've learned a lot from them, and I'm sure Ponte Network wouldn't be possible without Lefty!

— Camilla Rocha, PhD, businesswoman

Super thoughtful, experienced, and competent. They meet deadlines and offer a high-quality product, in addition to providing fast and accurate support. They created a system that met all my needs and my company's, resulting in productivity increase and financial return. I recommend them to everyone.

— Maíra Clemente, businesswoman

I had previous experiences with websites built by other companies, and I always had difficulties with site updates or technical support. But, with Lefty, it's different. Today, I get full support; my website is easy to use, lightweight, and has all the features I ever wanted. With this, I've gained the visibility and credibility that I so sought on the internet. I'm delighted with the experience of working with Lefty Ventures. I highly recommend it!

— Pedro Mazine, businessman

They offer excellent service, clever ideas, fast delivery, and professional attention. Creating solutions and technologies for my company with Lefty Ventures increased my productivity and dynamics, taking my business to another professional level. I have to thank you.

— Teresa Carneiro, businesswoman

We do two things

We create websites and web apps for entrepreneurs and companies to help them face the new reality challenges and opportunities. If you have an idea or a problem that you believe you can solve with web technology, schedule a chat with us!
We create bootstrapped startups for niche markets. In 2021, we launched Traz Felicidade for people who want to receive cash as a gift in an easy and meaningful way; we created Profilable to allow any professional to build their website autonomously; and we started Estilinga to foster a community of people building side projects and independent startups in Portuguese.


Retrato de Bruno Rigolino

Bruno Rigolino

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Founding partner responsible for Design and Business Development. He has over ten years of experience creating products for different markets and segments: from fashion to the third sector. He has a degree in Product Design from Istituto Europeo di Design (IED-SP).
Retrato de David Pedoneze

David Pedoneze

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Founding partner responsible for Software Development and Project and Infrastructure Management. He has over ten years of experience in developing highly complex software. He has a degree in Computer Science from UNESP (Rio Claro / SP).