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From: lefty@leftyventures.com

Subject: RE: New project – Learn more about Lefty

Hey! We're good, thanks for getting in touch.

We are a design and development boutique focused on crafting bootstrapped digital products for independent entrepreneurs and SMBs —from the idea to the production environment.

We like to work on our own products and with a few clients at a time. These let us keep a lean structure and a remote-first operation, so nobody has to deal with the large design and dev firms' bureaucracy and Agile-to-be management.

Our approach is pragmatic, focused on users' and clients' experience, and on curating the essential features —which we achieve with metadesign, research, and sincere communication. Our tech stack can be considered opinionated, but it enables our seasoned dev team to be specialized and fast.

Let's talk about your project!

Best regards,

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From: client@example.com

Sent: Today, 3 hours ago

To: lefty@leftyventures.com

Subject: New project – Learn more about Lefty

Hey, guys. How are you?

I've been visiting some web development agencies' websites for the past three days trying to find someone to help my team and I deliver a MVP to our company. I got bored of reading all the same "innovative creative process" and called a friend who advised me to get in touch with you.

I would like to know more about how you work. Maybe you can help us with our project.

Best regards,